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Put your own unique stamp on your staff uniform with our end-to-end uniform customisation service! We’ve developed our offering to provide a range of options to suit your branding, budget, or hard-wearing requirements. From Logo Embroidery, to Screen Printing, explore more about the ways we can work with you to brand your uniform.

Quality Manufacturing

1. Fabric Quality

The quality of the fabric is crucial to the overall quality of the uniform. We use high-quality fabrics are typically soft, breathable, and durable, and can withstand repeated washing and wear.

2. Construction Quality

The construction of the uniform is also important. We make sure that the uniforms are typically well-constructed, with strong seams and stitching, and attention to detail in finishing, such as hemming and trimming.

3. Comfort

We ensure that the uniform we make are comfortable to wear, with features such as moisture-wicking properties, stretch fabric, or ventilation, depending on the intended use of the garment.

4. Design

We make quality uniform that's designed with specific needs and preferences of the wearer in mind, including elements such as color, style, and fit.

5. Logo Application

We offer quality customization options, such as custom logos, embroidery, or printing, to help organizations create a unique and recognizable brand identity.


Step 1: Submit the enquiry form below and include as much details as possible such as quantity, logo size, position etc.

Step 2: Email or        us your logo artwork so that we can provide you an accurate quote. File accepted include: Ai, PDF or clear PNG.

Step 3: We will be in touch with you as soon as 1 business day! 

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